Buy Now$("#tdb80").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb79").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); In appearance a savoy leaved Tatsoi. Buy Now$("#tdb100").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb99").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Choy sum is among the most popular vegetables in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. [...]. Chinese Green, Chinese Mustard, Gai Cai, Gai Choy, India Mustard, Burdock Takinogawa Asian vegetable 100 seeds, Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok Mandarin Cabbage 300 seeds, Chinese Cabbage Yuki clubroot resistance 125 seeds, Culantro Mexican Coriander Eryngium foetidum 200 seeds, Entsai Water Spinach or Ong Choy Ipomoea aquatica 75 seeds, Goji Berry Chinese Wolfberry minimum 25 seeds, Japanese Parsley Mitsuba Mashimori 400 seeds, Kailaan White Flowered Chinese Broccoli 150 seeds, Lemon Grass West Indian C citratus 100 seeds. Mitsuba : Cabbage: Mizuna : Cauliflower: Mustard Greens New! We will still be shipping orders as quickly as we can. Best-Selling Vegetable Seeds. Tomato Sprouting Radish Purple [...]. Thailand seed sector envisages to produce good quality of rice, leguminous crops, and forage crop seeds, to meet the global demand and to increase its export value through the export of Thai developed varieties. It is quite hardy, surviving temperatures down to 1°C (35°F) for short periods of time. Garland Chrysanthemum Buy Now$("#tdb252").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb251").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Brassica junceaMild for lightly cooking and salads, baby leaf or mature leaf production. ). Healthy and fresh soups, stir-fries, salads and slaws offer us an exotic change from our usual American diet. A uniform variety with large blue green waxy leaves. Buy Now$("#tdb240").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb239").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Chinese Green, Chinese Mustard, Gai Cai, Gai Choy, India MustardPick young for baby leaf, the [...]. Thailand’s jackfruit season lasts into spring. Buy Now$("#tdb68").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb67").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Baby veg F1 Chinese cabbage Wa Wa Sai, very tender with a lovely sweet flavour, ideal for soups, [...]. Request quotations and connect with Thai manufacturers and B2B suppliers of Vegetable Seeds. Seeds, Tropical, Sub-tropical, Fruits, Vegetables, Trees. Peas A large range of Oriental vegetable seeds, Asian vegetables and speciality vegetables. Buy Now$("#tdb36").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb35").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Culinary herb A dwarf anise type can be grown as a pot herb indoors, can be used as a vegetable [...]. £1.99. +66 2 887 6385. Overview. Buy by the packet or in bulk! It is one of the strains with the highest THC content in the world. Grow sprouts or matured vegetables. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1110 10g seed Coriander vegetable seeds Thailand Chia Tai. Don't forget to check out our special offers page too for some great money-saving ideas. Possibly related to Calabrese, producing a [...]. Thai vegetable, herb seed choose- aubergine, chilli, basil, rice, culantro, kale. Ridge Gourd Buy Now$("#tdb40").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb39").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); A baby leaf and ornamental variety for use as tasty baby salad leaves or dot plants in the borders. Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Johnny's Selected Seeds is not responsible for these charges and has no control over the fees charged. You will be very sure that you will receive your plant confidently, and we will guarantee and insure the reach. Bitter Gourd Both in sanskrit Or recorded on Papyrus paper of Egypt. In addition to selling vegetable seeds in Taiwan and SUNTECH SEED also exports seeds to other countries internationally. Oriental and speciality vegetable leaf seeds are becoming more popular as we grow more of the unusual vegetables that are now coming into our supermarkets, Oriental veg seeds, Chinese Cabbage, Pak Choi, Ammaranth, Chinese Water Pepper, Entsai Water Spinach, Oriental Greens, Burdock, Chop Suey Greens plus many many more Oriental vegetables. Buy Now$("#tdb152").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb151").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Brassica rapa var japonicaVery similar in most resects to Mizuna, but with a stronger flavour [...]. Healthy and fresh soups, stir-fries, salads and slaws offer us an exotic change from our usual American diet. Buy Now$("#tdb84").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb83").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Apium graveolens Asian vegetable seedsSlender celery stems and leaves with a strong flavour. Not just the next generation of seeds with outstanding growing potential, but the next generation of our … Chinese Radish Growing my own vegetables from seed is one of the most rewarding things I do. Buy Now$("#tdb132").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb131").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); A new addition for the salad bowl, it has curled and dissected leaves, ideal to add to salad leaf [...]. Thai Galangal Seeds, Grow your own, ALPINIA GALANGA, 15 rare vegetable seeds, herb, medicine, pretty flower, from Ginger family, Non GMO, thaiseeds. Buy Now$("#tdb168").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb167").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Grey-green feathery leaves on purple stems add a distinctive shape and texture to the salad bowl [...]. We grow a lot of the varieties listed on our 'trial allotment' for our staffs own use at home, that way we really do know how they grow and taste. Buy Now$("#tdb196").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb195").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); A pinky-red stemmed F1 leaf radish with a lovely radish flavour. Spinach Be sure to label your seeds. When your order arrives in your country, the customs service, or another government agency of your country, may charge you a fee on the item(s). Buy Now$("#tdb156").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb155").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Cryptotaenia japonica Oriental vegetableLeaves, root and stems are used raw or cooked, [...]. Tomato Seeds Shop Now. Salad Seeds Shop Now. Buy Now$("#tdb20").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-cart"}}).addClass("ui-priority-primary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); Details$("#tdb19").button({icons:{primary:"ui-icon-info"}}).addClass("ui-priority-secondary").parent().removeClass("tdbLink"); An improved Lin choi selection with oval, slightly savoyed green leaf with a rich red heart. In fact, Victoriana's vegetable seed selection is GM-free and we avoid treated seeds that have been subjected to any application of chemical pesticides and fungicides. Leaf Vegetable Seeds : Bunching onion New! Seed Savers Exchange. Asian Vegetable Seeds Cooking with Asian vegetables has been gaining popularity as we learn about and experience the exotic tastes that Chinese and Japanese vegetables bring to our plate.