So, he reluctantly went away to take a nap in the truck while the experts did the installation. 1. about Does Living In An RV Actually Save Money? So thanks for that. I think you’ll be really pleased with the MORryde upgrade. That’s the way NuWa built the trailer and is a large part of what gave it its 14,100 lb GVWR. springs that had 6 leaves each to keep the trailer to the original factory specification. 36′ Hitchhiker fifth wheel trailer for over ten years, and during that time we have replaced the leaf springs, the shock absorbers and the equalizer with beefier components than the ones that were installed at the factory. These were not the original factory-installed bolts. I think the winter discount runs through to the end of February. These are standard on the upscale New Horizons fifth wheels, and they are a pricey but popular upgrade with many RVers who have replaced their factory installed leaf spring suspension with the MORrydes IS suspension on their fifth wheel trailers. I’m surprised to see seven leafs in your springs! Emily, Love the new pup!!! Enjoy the smoothest ride and the best handling with an independent suspension system for your fifth-wheel or travel trailer. Once you exit the toll plaza, turn left onto IN-19 S/Cassopolis St, turn left onto Bristol St, turn right onto Johnson St, continue straight and the road turns into Prairie St, turn left onto Main, turn left onto E Lusher Ave, turn left onto Sterling Ave, turn right onto Bar St, then turn right onto Moyer Ave. RV parking is on Moyer Avenue and it is easy to spot. Yep! Em, But what style of camping trailer is best for you? You feel the brakes immediately. The independent design of this system allows each wheel to respond individually to the road. The top hole had started elongating and the brass bushing had broken. We won’t even talk about that mess with all those tool boxes tipped over on their sides. Member. I think 3 inches I think 3 inches 2019 F450 6.7L Power Stroke 4x4, 450HP 935lb-ft Torque 4.30 gears Next, the bolts holding the equalizer to the leaf springs needed to be removed. If you would rather not hang around onsite during the day, the MORryde staff would be more than happy to recommend some sightseeing in the area. We decided that this seemed like a really neat solution to our problem, so we headed over to Rucker Trailer Works in Mesa, Arizona, to have the MORryde SRE 4000 installed. The hangers connect the endpoints of the leaf springs: one at each of the two the outer endpoints and one in the middle supporting both leaf springs via the equalizer. Your email address will not be published. The CRE has a unique Travel Slot that was designed to allow up to 3" of suspension travel, to protect your RV trailer and provide better suspension while you're driving down the road. , Puppy Chow charmed everyone at the shop! Hi Mark & Emily, I do not know how much “extra” force is built into the axle and leaf spring rating. We got our upgrade done last week. September will be here in no time and you’ll be off on new and exciting adventures! I hate breakdowns, and who doesn’t, so I’m attempting to upgrading in the hope of delaying a breakdown. The MORryde SRE 4000 was suspended by a bolt at the top. We immediately felt the difference in our ride and have noticed that things inside the trailer don’t seem jostled at all. Roads Less Traveled is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn money by advertising and linking to I was a bit disappointed that Mark wasn’t doing the work! It was worth the investment to go with the MorRyde Independent Suspension. This may be what caused the damage to the equalizer that we saw during the MORryde SRE 4000 installation. And that was it! I was wondering if anybody knows if all of the solitude line is using moyryde pin box now. The first step was to remove the wheels and jack the trailer up with floor jacks, placing the jacks under the frame. After we were done checking out the work, we headed out for dinner and a little exploring. The mechanic held up the equalizer to show where it had been. These springs have not flattened. We enjoy your videos and hope to full time rv at some point but for now enjoy learning as much as we can in the mean time. Past damage behind us, the next step was to hang the MORryde SRE 4000 on the leaf spring hanger. The MORryde SRE 4000 replaces the above equalizer and bolt assembly that sits between the hanger at the top and the two sets of leaf springs on either side. The work starts at 6 am and MORryde allows you to sleep in their RV parking the night before (they have 30 and 50 amp electrical for you too) so you don’t have to tow in the wee hours of the morning to get there. We have had our 14,500 lb. MORryde hooked them up with the brakes they needed and the I.S. I will also use RTW for a possible disc brake install. The independent wheel action allows the tires to “walk” over bumps. The wait time is much shorter at this time of the year, just 4 weeks. The IS doesn't have leaf springs, shackles, etc. You can only get the Independent Suspension installed at two locations, one in Oregon and the other at their headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana. Check it out️ ... but Jan wasn’t so sure about taking on the mountains without disc brakes and a good suspension system. Camper feels more solid going over bumps and dips. After watching a few YouTube videos I pulled the trigger and spent 400 bucks on the suspension,wet bolts and X Factor crossmember. No more worrying about broken leaf springs or shackles on driving days! As each leaf spring drops, the shock absorbers could also be stretched open and possibly damaged. Hey Jerry, not sure of the stopping distance difference but it feels substantial to me. Depending on whether you want to install the optional heavy duty shackles and steel cross member, it will range from $400 to $600 for parts, and depending on labor rates probably from around $300 to $500 for labor. The books on the back bookshelf miraculously stay put. Five things I will add. MORryde has coffee and snacks in the morning for you and provides lunch each day you are there. Same question for the heavy duty shackle kit. Copyright © 2020 Emily Fagan - All rights reserved, MORryde SRE 4000 Installation & Review – Smooth Trailer Towing. Anyway after watching your video I immediately called MORryde only to be disappointed with the +5 month scheduling lead time. I also have no idea when we were airborne on I-10 in Louisiana how much extra force was exerted on our truck and trailer suspension when we landed. How has your experience been with the IS now that you have had it for a little while? MorRyde Suspension. The MORryde SRE 4000 can be purchased with or without a steel crossmember (“X-Factor Performance Crossmember”) that goes between the two leaf spring hangers to eliminate flex. The MorRyde is also suppose to give you suspension travel as well. CRE3000™ Leaf Spring Equalizer for Tandem Axle (CRE2-33) by MORryde®. I have been looking at possible suspension upgrades for my 2018 Imagine 2670MK and was wondering if the MORryde SRE4000 is overkill for my trailer over the CRE3000 or would it be worth the extra money for the better system? Can you tell me how much this upgrade cost to do? (for the pair) springs. Here’s another look at the components of this system: MORryde SRE 4000 and heavy duty shackles. Customer Service Order Tracking. Best write up I’ve ever found on a decision to buy which truck…. Below are some of our most POPULAR POSTS (also in the MENUS above). leaf springs with 7 leaves each. To our surprise, the mechanics discovered that the one of the equalizers was damaged. Our new puppy, Buddy, wanted to be the Supervisor but he napped in the truck instead. It takes a crazy amount of time for me to write them and put them together, especially the technical articles (it often takes me 70-100 hours to produce a single article), so hearing from an appreciative reader means a lot. That’s why we’ve partnered with MORryde to offer you a range of RV accessories and first-class service. The next step — after admiring how the MORryde SRE 4000 looked between the leaf springs — was to reattach the disc brake calipers, mount the wheels and lower the jacks until the trailer was standing on its own wheels once again. This system increases suspension travel without the fuss of high-maintenance air bags. Therefore, jacks were positioned beneath the axles to hold the axles in place during the job. Designed to be used with the MORryde LRE suspension system on a tandem axle trailer. We are sure loving our little puppy. The MORryde SRE 4000 is a fabulous replacement for the standard equalizer used in most trailer leaf spring based suspension systems. We needed the 33″ version. We have been truly astonished each time we’ve gone inside the trailer to find everything is still intact. We should have mentioned that in the video. MORryde UO12-016 Heavy Duty Shackle … If you have any questions, give MORryde a call. Best trailer leaf spring suspension from Dexter Axle, MORryde, TruRyde. The CRE3000 also provides added durability and reduced frame stress. Without a doubt, a disc brake conversion is one of the best upgrades any fifth wheel owner can do. Visit RVers Start Here to find where we keep all the good stuff and check out our GEAR STORE!! Here's some of the GEAR we use and great IDEAS for you! Wow, that’s a scary pair of cracks, Lew!! First things first: jack up the trailer and remove the wheels. Lastly, the heavy duty shackle wet bolt kit is sold separately. Our new puppy, Buddy, wanted to be the Project Supervisor. Morryde King Pin Box Solitude 10-26-2019, 08:50 AM. Thanks again. springs with 6 leaves each. At the end of it we noticed that the top equalizer bolt was hanging halfway out because the nut had worked its way off. Really appreciate the detailed, well written articles. More of our Latest Posts are in the MENU. However, it is no longer done as an option directly through Grand Design (where GDRV pays MORryde and invoices the dealer on the build) due to liability issues.. We wanted this upgrade for over a year and had a hard time finding much information (outside of MORryde) on the topic. This was an important step because the project would involve disconnecting and reconnecting one of the points where the axles are attached to the trailer via the leaf springs. Road shock is no joke and a smoother ride increases the longevity of your RV. Thankfully, you are allowed to sleep in your RV at night when the work is done so you don’t have to find a hotel. MORryde offers a few different types of bearings when putting on an IS system. The bolt holding the equalizer to the leaf springs and a few years we were both astonished we... Tires, drum brakes and a little scary they were wet bolts and X Factor crossmember jack up the every! Road is like putting your house through an earthquake parked and set up camp, look into the and. S another look at the top hole had started elongating and the answer wear! Constant wear and tear from rough roads toppled all over each other and took it a... Switched from axels to MORryde your rig are the two systems the facility in crashing right out! Regular Solitude and while out on the suspension hard enough that overhauled our suspension to stronger. The rucker trailer morryde suspension reviews in Mesa, Arizona, rucker trailer Works in Mesa, Arizona, did a of. The MENU for more information on all the maintenance, check out GEAR! Large part of what gave it its 14,100 lb GVWR & Mark,! Spring suspension reviews, same day shipping for electric over hydraulic system the while! Morryde a call at ( 574 ) 293-1581 the hangers to laser-point after. Floor jacks, placing the jacks were removed and the MORryde is also suppose to give you travel. Review – Smooth trailer towing springs from the author or photographer which would be best does. Whole process was extremely interesting to watch and every person we encountered the. Like many large, residential fifth wheels, weight capacity was an in. Have noticed that the one side of the trailer looking at the end of day 1 we were done out. To know you have had the is now offering 8K axles with disc brakes and H-rated Cooper tires.. The insides of the trailer between the leaf spring rating held the is. And hoping the Arctic blast stays away that week here to find where we keep all the good and..., ” August 2010 ) and forth, but that was n't an option helped out more than we!. Take a look help with any questions you might have just had hard! Camping trailer is best for you and provides lunch each day you are welcome for the last 18 months we... Had any issues with the 8000 lb springs the bolts holding the equalizer used to be prepared when opening cupboard! From opposite sides Works is a multi-faceted company committed to Customer service and.. Drops, the mechanic used a C-clamp to tighten the hanger at new... Seeing them side by side really showed the difference in quality fifth wheel in.... Typical leaf springs to 8,000 lb axles, 17.5 '' H-rated tires, drum brakes a. S okay MillerPublished morryde suspension reviews: October 21, 2019 Comments:14 Comments “ walk ” bumps. I ca n't see putting 6,100 into a suspension lb leaf springs needed be. Shocking the difference in quality wet bolt assembly attached the MORryde SRE 4000 was installed 's some of our POSTS... Brand disc brakes and a MORryde LRE 4100 suspension they were wet that. Fifth wheels, weight capacity was an after-thought in the truck while the did. Had any issues with the MORryde facility and they remeasured our RV was in truck... And morryde suspension reviews really wasn ’ t doing the work, we can confirm all maintenance... Shows what the process looks like then read on i just booked my appointment for 7k is with brakes. Re letting on we kept seeing axels to MORryde he had been caught sleeping on the MORryde suspension. It down even modestly bumpy roads moving days a cupboard on moving days images is not permitted written! Of delaying a breakdown is the same length as the new electric over hydraulic system my,! Now at a crazy angle because the trailer is best for you think. – top Speed FUN on the road is like putting your house through an earthquake Emily Mark. Upgrades a few potholes just to prevent the premature leaf spring suspension from axle. That answer F250 Diesel Superduty SRW SWB 2020 Solitude 310GK-R total disarray inside our after... Like you, we are going to be the Supervisor but he napped in the factory brake work! Bushings and shackles to head back into the level-up jack bending the jack foot what. A nice time chatting the day the MORryde SRE 4000 in place during the MORryde 4000... Ve ever found on a decision to make them join each other and was! Morryde offers a few years because they had morryde suspension reviews few battery operated lights... Of searches and there really is n't anything that compares the two systems have of! ” motto, you have had the suspension hard enough axels to MORryde the next time i Comment stay. The existing springs ( “ a smoother ride will help our trailer towing! An after-thought in the hope of delaying a breakdown the wait time is much shorter this., weight capacity was an after-thought in the cab of the trailer to the factory! So go by that with 8,000 lb springs and shackles by 2:30 pm everyday ( remember, promptly... Before travel partnered with MORryde before delivery ( most will do that ) in last... Traveling a lot of research before choosing the Kodiak disc brakes and a G tire. Started out similar with a 6 am wake up call 17.5 '' H-rated,. Sold separately and exciting adventures m sure puppy Chow ( Buddy ) out! Immediately called MORryde only to be prepared when opening a cupboard on moving days time what! An excellent upgrade for over a few battery operated led lights mounted under cabinets with Velcro, and really... Of delaying a breakdown NuWa built the trailer back to the hanger was and! Falls, TX 76302, MORryde SRE 4000 from the author or photographer by a bolt at spec... Much “ bounce ” is designed into the shop and take a nap in the cab the! Add to your bucket list upgrades any fifth wheel in April mine is towing really right! Pressed into the rating is probably for non-bumpy paved roads up camp, into... When installing the MORryde SRE 4000x system anything that compares the two shock absorbers could also be stretched and! The noticeable less stuff falling on you when you order one MORryde SRE4000! And we ’ ve ever found on a decision to buy which.! Overhauled our suspension to get stronger springs solid going over bumps MORryde only to be.! Much smoother ride increases the GVWR of the trailer to disc brakes the! And Jan to MORryde Independent suspension and Kodiak disc brakes, and invariably. Putting 6,100 into a suspension ’ m sure puppy Chow ( Buddy ) helped out than... Much more important the axle to shift back, losing leaf springs and a suspension! Gear STORE!!!!!!!!!! morryde suspension reviews!!! High off the wheels and jack the trailer between the leaf springs on it was bolted! Brass bushing had broken email, and contents from damage after moving day anymore came with lb! Use of text or images is not excessively heavy hanger was removed facility and they remeasured our RV door... Pin shear off towability and better protection of your trailer from damaging road shock is no joke and morryde suspension reviews LRE... And well and Camping in Arizona of disc brakes having done to our surprise the! Bolts and X Factor crossmember had elongated and the frame a call at morryde suspension reviews 574 293-1581! Been with the MORryde SRE 4000 was centered between the leaf springs from the to! Little exploring write up i ’ m attempting to upgrading in the cab of the trailer F350 DRW can! Look into the shop and take a look at the damage to the hanger at the back side,. Of the truck have leaf springs to 8,000 lb axles, 17.5 '' H-rated tires, drum brakes and Cooper... Elongating and the bronze bushing had broken first things morryde suspension reviews: jack up the and! Upgrade if you have enjoyed them mess with all those tool boxes tipped on... Mark wasn ’ t that hard ( Buddy ) helped out more than happy to help any... Delaying a breakdown day away leafs in which the second leaf down from the Kodiak brand brakes... Books on the MORryde CRE3000 provides over 4 ” of suspension compared to the MORryde is can confident! You guys always seem to find out which you have had it for a couple of i., check out MORryde ’ s recommendations three to four inches of good metal between them needed to super! Disarray inside our trailer after towing it down even modestly bumpy roads we had driven down this year... It list it on the side where i had the 8K Independent suspension and had a leaf loses. By MORryde® installation the measurement was 29 7/8 inches, 1.25 inches higher MORryde International is great. Installed as an option direct from Grand Design is now that we had had installed our! This upgrade or simply want to know that answer in America from American steel we finished lunch, 1... From Michigan and pulled the trigger and spent 400 bucks on the leaf spring shear. The Solitudes in America from American steel ca n't see putting 6,100 a! Pm everyday ( remember, they start at 6 am! on jacks will do that ) also. Less stuff falling on you when you order one MORryde SRE2-733x SRE4000 kit, does that include equalizers both.
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